Sophie's Story

Neve and Noor’s story commenced in 2016 when Sophie immersed herself in the depths of a printing village on the outskirts of Jaipur, India.

Sophie had spent over 10 years working in the world of Interiors with a degree in Architecture. From a young age, her inherent style and interest in fashion were always destined to evolve into a career. She had dreamt of creating her own prints which are inspired by a multitude of sources around the world, both past and present. The raw authenticity of block printing in India captured Sophie’s heart from day one.

"You simply can’t achieve the raw quality of hand block printing from an electrical machine,"

As a company, we pride ourselves on being a SLOW fashion brand, producing small runs to keep waste to a minimum. We produce in an ethical, responsible and traditional format. Sophie bases her foundation of each collection on natural fibres and is committed to moving further along to a fully sustainable future. 

"My mission is to offer women ultimate versatility with each piece, taking you from the beach to the city, from day to night.

I am committed to creating beautiful designs to withstand all trends and test time."

A little note

"As a mother I have always considered functionality and wearability from the conceptual phase, however always ensuring that elegance and style is not compromised." 

Hand block printing

Made by hand

The process is passed down through generations, it is a highly skilled process. From mixing the dyes to hand carving the woodblocks.

With our support, we can keep these traditions alive and support future artisans.

Watch our video below to experience the wonderful world of Jaipur.