Natasha Hulse

In Conversation with Natasha Hulse
Natasha Hulse is a bespoke Fabric Artist for Interior Design. Hulse specialises in designing, three-dimensional appliqué artworks. Once the artworks have been constructed they are then upholstered onto pieces of furniture, such as headboards and lampshades. All the fabric artworks are constructed by hand; products are designed by a small skilled team in the U.K. that use a variety of fabric manipulation techniques to create one of a kind, interior products. Each new design draws inspiration from the natural world.
“I love the idea of taking art outside of a frame and into; functional design and art, it's something that has always fascinated me, even before I started art at school. In my childhood bedroom I made three dimensional apples out of wood to attach to the wall and painted leaves and a tree trunk around it so that the tree looked like it was protruding out of the wall, inside the apples I kept jewellery...”
Q: What drew you to the world of interior decor & upholstery design?

A: I like the way art appears in the home, fluid and as a collective, painting and making in all corners and cracks of a place. I’m really interested in heirloom pieces of furniture that are passed down through family generations. The beautiful inlay pieces of furniture, tapestries and painted furniture around me were influenced by the women in my life. My grandmother and great aunts are talented textile artists and have made exquisite needlepoint artworks for furniture.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?

A: I have always looked for inspiration through nature, my biggest teacher has been what's growing around me and also texture and colour. This will govern the direction and emotion for the artwork. Old 17th century tapestry's have also inspired me and the idea that a beautiful painting that can be woven into art and then into a hanging wall art fascinates me.

Q: What motivated you to start your business?

A: I grew up seeing a lot of my family have their own business. I always wanted to paint, make and create using my own aesthetic. I was fiercely independent when I was younger and would spend months on my own creating and then would re emerge with a collection or new invention. From the age of thirteen I made applique clothes for friends or sold artwork.

Q: How would you describe your personal style and what inspires it?

A: My personal style is directed a lot by hand made pieces, I feel they tell such a varied story and add depth to your home and person look. If there is a texture or colour that is particularly beautiful or unusual I tend to hang it on the wall or wrap it around a lampshade, back of a chair.If I can add quirky charm to my home or the way I dress I will. I have lots of my pictures hung just above the skirting board and in random areas that might be disregarded to most, creating a conversational point with how things are portrayed is also important to my personal /home style! I believe fabric is art that can layer your dress or home and add softness, I like the way many hands have passed over fabric in order to make it in to what it is.

Q: Which is your favourite Neve & Noor piece and why?

A: It is all exquisite, colour and texture is so important to me so it would have to be the Mia and Bella dress, I am not sure I can choose between them. I love the embroidery details on both of them, the colour is vibrant and lures you in and then the thing that is just such a lovely detail for me is that it has a functional element to it, both dresses have pockets. Every good dress should have a pocket!


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