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In Conversation with Gloria Gonzalez
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Gloria Gonzalez's Instagram feed. Her interior curation is a timeless masterpiece, blending beauty, colors, and elegance flawlessly. Hailing from Spain and armed with a master's in Art History, Gloria's creative journey led her to consult with top interior brands in London. Her expertise in marketing, social media, and sourcing turns each project into pure magic. Get ready to be inspired and enchanted by her chic and colorful designs!
Q:  What drew you to the realm of interior decor & design?
A:  I have always been interested in craftsmanship and overall beautifully made things. When I was at university studying History of Art, Decorative Arts used to be my favourite subject. That interest sparked even more when I moved to the UK: visits to National Trust properties, the V&A extensive collection or antique fairs and markets drew me to this industry that I felt somehow it was where I wanted to be.
Q:  Out of all the projects you have seen, which one is your favourite so far?
A: That's a very difficult question to answer! A place I recently visited in Spain and I felt completely inspired by was El Palacio de Los Leones. Catalina Moreno de la Cova and her family have been renovating this property for over 20 years! It's hard to imagine that it was pretty much in a dilapidated state when they acquired it. They used local artisans and materials and you can tell the family has put their heart and soul into this project.A favourite house in the UK is Sophie Conran's Whilstire home, for me, it's the definition of the perfect country home. It's elegant and relaxed - not overly done but perfectly decorated - a grand home yet one feels comfortable the minute you step into it.Thinking about these two properties I have chosen made me think that usually what makes you love a property it's the history behind them, and the people who make them happen.
Q:  Where do you look for inspiration and what motivated you to start your blog?
A:  I find inspiration everywhere! An exhibition I have visited, an artist I discovered through Instagram, a conversation with a friend...I have always loved researching and enjoy writing. Shortly after I started my Instagram account I felt that sometimes there wasn't enough space to write everything I wanted to say so I started my blog.
Q:  How do you juggle your full-time job alongside running a blog?
A:  In all honesty in the last few years, I've been so busy with work that I found it quite difficult to take out time for my blog. It's something I'm trying to do more this year - to find the time to spend on the things I really love. It's usually on the weekends when I can spend some time on my blog or Instagram. I don't see it as work - it's something that relaxes me and I love doing it!
Q:  What is your favourite thing to do on a sunny day in London?
A:  A walk in the park that finishes with an impromptu picnic. I love all the green spaces and gardens that this city has and how people gather around them the minute the sunshine is out. London is a great city but London on a sunny day is just the best!
Q:  How would you describe your personal style and what inspires it?
A: I would say classic with a twist. I'm quite classic in the way I dress, but I do love wearing bold, colourful, pattern-filled clothes, particularly dresses, shirts and blazers. I keep the rest of the outfit quite neutral. Moreover, working with patterns and colours influences the way I dress, I also think my Spanish upbringing is also a huge influence on how I pick what to wear.
Q:  Which is your favourite Neve & Noor piece and why?

That's a very hard question to answer because I love them all! However, if i had to choose, I would go for the Katherine dress - it is gorgeous and so easy to wear- a wardrobe staple. I love the sleeves and how pretty it looks when you move.

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