Emma Ainscough

In Conversation with Emma Ainscough

Emma, the passionate interior designer, brings authenticity and playful charm to her creations. With meticulous attention to detail, she designs captivating spaces that invigorate daily life. Emma's personalized touch ensures inviting yet refined environments that stimulate the senses. Her design philosophy embraces the beauty of one-of-a-kind pieces, adding a unique flair to her work. Leveraging her network of skilled craftsmen, suppliers, and antique dealers, Emma curates a harmonious blend of old and new elements. The result? Spaces that subtly enchant, surprise and delight all who experience them.

Q: Your journey to becoming an interior designer is truly inspiring! Can you tell us a little about when your passion for interior designing began?

A: Thank you! I’ve always had a bit of a passion for interiors & creativity as a whole from when I was very young. My University degree was broadly ‘Design’ which was very Art focused, it was here that my fascination for colour was born and how colour can impact & interact with a space. I graduated wondering how I could successfully make a living whilst being creative and Interior Design felt like the right fit for me, having worked a brief stint in property. I quit my job to complete an Interior Design Diploma at KLC and then spent a few years learning my way around the industry at a residential Interior Design studio in London before going solo mid-Pandemic in 2020!

Q: What top tips would you give to someone starting up their own interior design business?

A: Go for it! It's a really fun industry to be a part of and there’s plenty of work out there. Carve yourself a style that you fully believe in, and work hard to build those important relationships with suppliers & makers.

Q: What is your favourite project to date and why?

A: Last year I completed a full head-to-toe renovation on a high-end holiday rental cottage in Shropshire. I was given real carte blanche to put my stamp on the project and with it not being someone’s full-time home, I went to town on colour & pattern, packing in as much as I could to create a really whimsical feel & provide a creative experience for anyone staying there. Limewashed in pink on the outside, it really feels quite magical - like something out of a fairytale :)

Q: Where are your projects based? (globally/locally)

A: Most of my projects at the moment are in London, but I work all over the UK, and would love to work on projects overseas in the future if the right opportunity came about!

Q: Who is your favourite Fabric designer?

A: Bennison interiors fabrics bring any interior to life instantly. I love the traditional style but somehow they still bring a real freshness to any room I apply them to. I have their Crewelwork jungle fabric on my headboard at home and it’s made the whole room sing.

Q: Which is your favourite print from our new collection?

A: The colours of the Peony Rose are SO beautiful - really striking. I also love the Floral Marine for a more subtle approach - so pretty for the Summer.

Q: Building a career like yours must have had its ups and downs, what do you think was your biggest obstacle to overcome?

A: Yes, it certainly isn’t all ‘cushions & fabrics’! Juggling all aspects of Interior Design (plumbing & electrics boggle my mind!) is a constant learning curve, not to mention juggling all aspects of starting & running a small business. A great accountant who is willing to speak my own language has been crucial.

Q: Which Neve & Noor Dresses will you be wearing this summer and how will you style them?

A: I’ve got my eye on the Elle dress in Peony Rose for a Summer wedding, and the Riva dress in Daffodil Bouquet is the perfect relaxed shape for a Summer lunch party. No styling needed with those fab sleeves!

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