21 Questions with our Creative Director Sophie Bartelski

So we thought we would challenge our juggling CD to find out more about her day to day life……

21 Questions

1. Favourite Scent: Coco Chanel Mademoiselle or Jo Malone lime basil and mandarin
2. Favourite Fabrics: Our hand block printed fabric from my new collection 
3. Favourite cocktail: White lady without a doubt!
4. First thing you do when you wake: Cuddle my Fiancee and our dog Monkey
5. Favourite artist: Mouse Cazalet
6. Fashion Icon: Anna Dell Russo 
7. Describe your home’s aesthetic:
My home reflects my style and travels, I like to mix 1960’s velvet and brass with traditional English and Skandi antiques. My walls are mix of 18th Century landscape paintings and large contemporary photographs by the artists on my website and art I have collected through my travels.
8. Most inspired countries: Florence, Bali and New Zealand
9. Favourite photographer: Sebastiao Salgado
10. Your Hero: My father and my late grandfather Jan they taught me the best lesson in life “Believe in yourself”. 
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11. Favourite breakfast: The Wosley, London or Bills in Bondi, Australia 
12. What is my favourite accessory: My 1930’S Art deco Diamond engagement ring
13. Favourite holiday spot: Valldemossa, Mallorca where I will be getting married this year!
14. Favourite furniture designer: Paul Mathieu he is a genius! 
  15. Favourite Restaurant: Top of my list currently are Koji and Casa Cruz, London
16. Favourite Jewellery designer: Celia Weinstock at Lyme Jewellery
17. Best burger: Sunset towers poolside restaurant, LA
18.. Most important quote you’ve learnt: Never assume
19.  Favourite food: Fried eggs with pancetta and white truffle shavings, Gubbio, Italy
20. Best City: London and Hong Kong
21. Your nickname: Zoshy, my name is Zosia which is Sophie in polish named after my great grandmother
Love S x 
Konrad Bartelski

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